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STERLING, CO, July 25 — The bias and the hubris of the Denver Post has been on full display this week. In a recent house editorial, the Post made a plea to their readers to “decline to sign” the recall petitions for several state representatives including Governor Jared Polis.

The Post also contended that:

  • Polis “has done nothing nefarious or illegal,”
  • Voters knew when they cast ballots for Polis “that they were progressive Democrats,”
  • “someone is elected for a term and barring some exceedingly rare and horrendous action on the part of an elected official, they serve that term until the next election. Then voters can have their say. Recalls are not meant to be do-over elections,”

Of course, elections have consequences, but that doesn’t entitle the winner to violate the constitution and the peoples’ rights from the moment he takes office. We believe this is indeed a horrendous action. Judging by the reaction to this recall petition thus far, thousands of Coloradans believe that too.

The Denver Post admits its bias by stating that it supported all four bills that are the focal points of this recall.  Yet, the Post tells Coloradans to ignore their rights, ignore their families’ livelihoods and ignore the complete transformation of Colorado into something it has never been before—another California. Most voters did not know this was how Jared Polis would govern because he didn’t campaign that way.

We encourage all Coloradans not to decline, but to get-in-line! We also call on the Denver Post to report the opposing side of the story which they have as yet, not done.

Signing opportunities are growing throughout the state and volunteers can sign up to help gather signatures at any of those locations.

For more information about petition signing and packet pick-up locations, please visit dismisspolis.com.

Dismiss Polis is an Issue Committee registered with the Secretary of State as required under Colorado Campaign Finance laws. Its main purpose is to dismiss Jared Polis as Governor of Colorado though the recall process. Registered agent is Julia Gentz.


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