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Welcome Coloradans!

September 2020 Update

The purpose of “Dismiss Polis” is to bring awareness to the need to replace the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis. The overreach of the governor has harmed the rights of many businesses and citizens in the State of Colorado. We continue praying for the safety and welfare of our Republic.


In less than six months, Governor Jared Polis and his socialist legislature have pushed through 460 bills, many of which have gone against the desires of the people of Colorado. One particular bill was even shoved through in the dead of night during the Bomb Cyclone snow storm! This is NOT the Government that Jared Polis promised us!

When elected, Polis spoke of the divisiveness in Washington and promised collaboration and integrity under his governorship of Colorado. Instead, we have seen an elevated level of partisan politics, a push forward on his socialist agenda and complete disrespect for the will of the voters! It is time for Colorado to take back our state!

Over the last four months, there have been a couple different groups created with the goal of recalling Polis. The divide between the groups has created an environment that we felt would prevent this effort from being able to move forward, which is why Dismiss Polis was created.

Our goal is simple. Raise the funding that will allow us to file and print the petitions needed and give Coloradans the opportunity to come together in unity, under one petition! By taking care of this expense, we are giving both groups the ability to use the money they have raised toward doing the work needed to collect the estimated 900,000 signatures it will take to initiate a successful recall of Polis.

As of June 25, we have the commitment from the Resist Polis PAC that they will forgo filing a petition and will instead circulate the Dismiss Polis petition. We have also asked the “Official Recall Governor Jared Polis” group to do the same and hope that once the petitions are printed and ready, they will all join a united effort.

Our goal is to unite Colorado under one petition so that we have the highest chance of success in recalling Polis. We hope that all of Colorado will join us in this effort.

Thank you!

The Dismiss Polis Team

Location P.O. Box 324. Fort Lupton, CO 80621 E-mail
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