Voters eager to sign petitions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Karen Kataline,
Phone: (720) 610-7357
Voters eager to sign petitions
STERLING, CO, July 16, 2019 — After the first full week of signature gathering, Dismiss Polis is encouraged by the results and confident volunteers are on the right track to submit enough signatures to hold the first ever recall election for a Colorado Governor.
As of today, volunteers in all 64 counties are actively gathering signatures to recall Gov. Jared Polis for his failure to be the Governor for “All of Colorado” as he campaigned. More than 10,000 petition packets were handed out in the first week. Dismiss Polis has until Sept. 6, to collect 631,266 valid signatures of Colorado voters to force a recall election. The goal is 900,000 to account for signatures that might be rejected by the Secretary of State’s Office.
Dismiss Polis is actively seeking to recall Polis for his failure to listen to constituents who have spoken loudly against many issues he signed into law that will be detrimental to the health, safety and economic prosperity of Colorado residents including:
1.Reforming the regulation of the oil and gas industry in Colorado despite the voters’ defeat of Proposition 112’s drilling regulations;
2.Mandating comprehensive human sexuality education and appropriating one million dollars annually in grant funds for its dissemination; and
3.Creating the ability for a family or household member to petition the court for a temporary extreme risk protection order to prohibit an individual from possessing a firearm, despite more than half the state Sheriffs or County Commissioner opposing the bill because of federal constitutionality issues. The bill is already facing its first lawsuit in court after House Republicans claimed that they were denied their state constitutional rights on multiple occasions to have the bill read at length.
Polis also signed a bill that would enjoin Colorado into the National Popular Vote compact to elect the President of the United State by popular vote, diminishing the validity of Colorado voters by giving larger municipalities across the country, mostly coastal cities and states, the power to choose the president.
The petition to recall the Governor by the Dismiss Polis Issue Committee is the only valid
petition currently being circulated. Dismiss Polis does not have any affiliation with any other
committees seeking to recall the governor. Dismiss Polis invites anyone who is a registered voter
in Colorado to carry a petition.
Dismiss Polis reminds those who want to sign the petition that
• You must sign in person; you cannot sign online.
• You cannot sign for someone else, only for yourself.
• You must sign the petition exactly as your voter registration appears. If you are unsure,
you can check your registration at Have your information
ready to go when you ready to sign.
• A full list of signing locations can be found at
Please know when the circulator is hovering over you, they are just helping you have everything
correct! Addresses and signatures need to be exactly as it appears on your voter registration.
• Be ready with the exact information: If a middle name appears the initial of the middle
name is printed. If no middle name appears, no initial is needed in the printed section.
The signed signature needs to be exactly as the registration shows on the state of
Colorado voter registration
• A shortcut on your smartphone or smart device is the easiest way to jump on and
check and have ready as you approach the table to sign!
Signing opportunities are being arranged throughout the state. A full list of locations can be
found at
For more information about petition signing and packet pick-up locations, please visit or email at .
Dismiss Polis is an Issue Committee registered with the Secretary of State as required under Colorado Campaign Finance laws. Its main purpose is to dismiss Jared Polis as Governor of Colorado though the recall process. Registered agent is Julia Gentz.


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