Hundreds of Thousands of Coloradans Sign Petition

This summer, for the first time in Colorado’s history, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans signed a petition to recall a governor who they believe has abysmally failed them and grievously harmed our state—Jared Polis of Boulder.

It was only sixty days ago that Dismiss Polis, Resist Polis PAC, and Coloradans throughout the state joined together to collect the massive number of signatures required to compel this extreme-left governor to stand for a recall election.

Thousands of volunteers, hard-working circulators of every affiliation and no affiliation from across the state attended every type of public gathering. They sat in the hot sun and put their lives on hold to collect these signatures because they love Colorado. Circulators and signers alike are deeply worried that Colorado is becoming unrecognizable–that if they don’t stand up and try to stop it, Colorado will no longer be a place in where they’d want their children and grandchildren to live.

The last session of the Legislature was a shock to the senses, as the Democrats in both houses did the Governor’s bidding from beginning to end.  It revealed that those currently in power were not only willing but eager to cross the line from representation to restriction, from governance to servitude, and from freedom to force. 

No matter how decisive the victory, no winner of an election is entitled to violate the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Colorado Constitution and the United States Constitution. Governor Polis, who was elected last year with not much over 50% of the vote, seems to have forgotten that. 

His signature imposed laws on Coloradans that have taken away their vote for President, their parental consent for sex education of their children as young as kindergarten, their due process before their right to self-defense is taken, and their livelihoods in oil and gas producing counties which don’t just fuel our homes and cars but fuel Colorado’s economy— and free all Americans from dependence on foreign oil. Those are just examples of a great deal more.

The required number to force a Polis recall election was just over 631,000. We fell short of that– yet we have made history regardless.

With no paid petitioners, no paid staff, and less than $100,000.00 in donations, this campaign has collected more signatures in a shorter time than any signature-gathering effort in Colorado history.

The thousands of petition packets in the boxes collected by Dismiss and Resist are just an example of the thousands of Colorado voters who will not sit down and will not shut up. 

Young mothers went to rallies, asking what they can do to stop the controversial sexual education curriculum being forced on their children.  Hard working oil and gas employees called us, asking what they can do to protect their industry and jobs. 

Many of these Coloradans joined our grassroots army and spent hundreds of hours collecting signatures.

Many have asked what we will do with this information.  As we announced, we will not submit these signatures to the Secretary of State so we can protect the rights of any group in the future to mount another recall effort.   

In the coming months, we will take the time necessary to evaluate this effort and consider our next steps.  One thing is certain: This isn’t the end of the discussion. It’s only the beginning. 

The legislature will be back in session soon, possibly devising new mandates and prohibitions to impose on Coloradans. These signatures are dramatic evidence that ordinary voters and taxpayers throughout the state have had enough of that.

We say No More! We call upon Governor Polis to live up to his promise to represent all Coloradans, not just those who reside in Denver and Boulder.

This huge outpouring of citizen activism is a milestone in Colorado’s proud history of self-government. 

-It’s a sad milestone, in that the reckless overreach by Governor Polis and the Democrats in the Colorado Legislature has made it necessary. 

-AND it’s an encouraging milestone, in that We The People have spoken with a roar and made our voices heard.

These boxes represent hundreds of thousands of Coloradans across the state who want their rights to be protected rather than violated. They will be watching. They won’t go away. And they will never, ever be silent!

A special thanks goes to our thousands of circulators and hundreds of thousands of signers for their hard work to make their voices heard.

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