Give Yourself Time to Sign!

Are you waiting in a long line to sign? We want to make your signature count! Here are a couple of steps you can do while you wait in line to be ready to sign!:
1. Visit the State of Colorado Voter Registration and have your information ready to go:

Please know when the circulator is hovering over you, they are just helping you have everything correct! Addresses and signatures need to be exactly as it appears on your voter registration.

2. Be ready with the exact information: If a middle name appears the initial of the middle name is printed. If no middle name appears, no initial is needed in the printed section. The signed signature needs to be exactly as the registration shows on the state of colorado voter registration

3. A shortcut on your smartphone or smart device is the easiest way to jump on and check and have ready as you approach the table to sign!

Colorado is working to #DismissPolis

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