DISMISS POLIS ISSUE COMMITTEE JUMP STARTS RECALLING GOVERNOR Files preliminary petition request for formatting approval

STERLING, CO, July 1 — Dismiss Polis has filed a formatting request with Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s office to give preliminary approval for the recall petition of Gov. Jared Polis. Although the official petition cannot be filed until July 8, state law allows to get preliminary approval ahead of that time for formatting purposes, speeding up the process when it becomes available.
The issue committee will now work to unite all groups wanting to help end the reign of Polis’ socialist agenda created in just six short months. Once final approval is given on July 8, Dismiss Polis hopes all the groups of concerned Coloradans formed over the past few months can stand behind one petition.
Dismiss Polis’ main focus is to raise the funding needed to print the recall petition packets. By taking care of the printing expense, Dismiss Polis is giving the existing recall Polis groups the ability to use the money they have raised toward educating the public and working at collecting the target of 900,000 signatures. In the first two weeks, Dismiss Polis has raised more than $20,000, which will cover the first 23,000 petition packets.
Signing opportunities are being arranged throughout the state and volunteers can sign up to help distribute. For more information about petition signing and packet pick-up locations, please visit https://dismisspolis.com.
Dismiss Polis is an Issue Committee registered with the Secretary of State as required under Colorado Campaign Finance laws. Its main purpose is to dismiss Jared Polis as Governor of Colorado though the recall process.

Contact: Karen Kataline, Phone: (720) 610-7357 Email: dismisspolis@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “DISMISS POLIS ISSUE COMMITTEE JUMP STARTS RECALLING GOVERNOR Files preliminary petition request for formatting approval

  1. I am soooo excited to get this Recall underway. We need a concise statement to stop the fears of “signing two petitions” … OTHERWISE IT IS ON!


    1. Good morning! The reality is you can sign two petitions. Just don’t sign the same petition twice. If one of the groups reaches the required amount of signatures plus 20% and they submit it to the SOS and your name is on it, that is where your signature will stay. Any future petition with your signature would be canceled out.

      The Dismiss Polis petition solves the challenge is the Official Recall Jared Polis group would just agree to circulate it. One petition = unity and success.

      Happy Independence Day!


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